Saturday, December 17, 2011

Valuing Our Creativity

For eons, woman craft has celebrated life and brought us closer to Mystery.  Woman craft has infused meaning in our has Made Sacred. Yet today, creativity is largely marginalized, relegated to the realm of 'hobby' or frivolity that some may be able to engage, slip in here and there, yet not to be taken too seriously.  So much of woman craft--that of valuing female creation and contribution--is treated like an old relic that has lost its place.  It has become sentimentalized myth that can no longer 'keep up' with our fast paced productivity and technological 'advancement.'

But this is the truth I now know as a woman...our creativity is our greatest tool in our lives.

Seems obvious, doesn't it?  Yet it gets tricky as we seek to keep up with all the demands of our present day living and the elements that call for our attention. 

In my work with women over the past 10 years, I am surprised how many times I have heard women say "I am not creative."  It always catches me off guard...yet it shouldn't, for I remember a time when I would have made the same statment.  I didn't know a thing about my creativity until around the age of 30.  It was so buried in ways I couldn't understand.  I had never been taught how to relate to this force, how to take it seriously so that I could be deepened and guided by it.  But all that changed after several tragic losses triggered a great creative surge in me...a surge so strong that I began making contact with sacred dimensions of my femaleness that I had never known. 

Our creativity can help us move beyond the small, predictable ways we have learned to navigate our life.  It can open us to the potential of birthing and crafting our life out of the Depths of our own Be-ing.

Creativity is a Deep Yes to cultivating the bounty of our Femaleness.  This blog is dedicated to This Force.  Welcome to my humble beginnings as I engage the new territory of blogging.  I look forward to this exploration and the connections I may make.  I look forward to the dialogue that may grow.  As we move into the Winter Solstice, where the increasing darkness calls us to our Depths so that we may garner new resource and insight, may you relax and know the value of your creativity, and allow this force to guide you into the Mystery of your Living.