Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tea Time...Sinking into Sensuality, Repose & Creating Holy Moments

I have a large collection of herbs and dried plants that I enjoy making teas from.  I order a lot of these from Mountain Rose Herbs in Eugene Oregon.  Their relationship with the plants and the way they dry them makes for a rich quality, both in taste and smell.  Their secret...they know how to keep the volatile oils in the plants.

In this post, I wish to share one of my recipe's for a soothing, nourishing, sensual tea.

Here we have red rooibos tea, jasmine green tea, pink rose petal and buds, and lavender blossoms.  I purchased all these teas from Mountain Rose.  Take a good pinch of each and put in your tea carafe or pot.  Boil your water and then pour over the tea.  Cap and allow to steep for 4-5 minutes.  After pouring, add your favorite sweetener.  As well as having a delicious taste and smell, this tea is nutritious.  Enjoy and dream into your future creations...

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